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French SEO Agency

You want to rank your website or your clients’ websites on the French speaking market with SEO ? Search no more, we can help you gain visibility in search results for all French speaking markets (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec & more).
Our SEO Agency is located at the border between France and Switzerland in the small town of Annecy. 
We may have a small French accent, but we deliver 10/10 SEO services.

Our French Speaking SEO Methodology

Only 0.63% of Google users actually click on page 2 results (Backlinko).
You need to reach page 1 to get visibility and attract potential clients via organic search.


Audit + Strategy

Our SEO consultants will evaluate your website on all aspects: technical, content and netlinking capicity to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Based on the results from our free SEO audit and
keyword research, we’ll advise you a specific SEO strategy with keywords, internal structure, titles, links and all relevant aspects. If you know who your main competitor is, we’ll also analyse their SEO strategy. This SEO analysis is free of charge for you.

Inbound Solution will help you identify SEO opportunities for your market. The audit will end with suggestions of different strategies and keyword directions with the corresponding monthly budget necessary to rank on page 1.


Content + Optimisation

Bruno and Cerdane will then contact you to gather information on your business and write for you optimised SEO landing pages with high relevancy.

The pages are optimised for Google‘s algorithm but also to convince your visitors and future clients.  It’s a mix of the best SEO practices and copywriting that creates the best SEO content.

In the meantime, our technical team will solve the issues on your webiste (on site SEO) to improve its ranking potential on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines used in the French speaking countries.

This combined approach ensures great chances to organically rank in the top 3 results of search engines without Adwords and PPC campaigns.


Netlinking + Tracking

The technical infrastructure of your website is now aligned with your aspirations. Your action plan matches your financial resources and goals. 

Next step is Netlinking also called Link Building.

Via our propietary network of more than 50 000 websites, we will select the ones in your industry to create monthly new backlinks for your website. Each backlink is created in a pertinent article speaking about your niche. Not directories, quality websites. 

The combination of great content, solved technical issues and backlinks will quickly increase your authority score and your trust flow to quickly rank at the top of the search results. SEO is almost science, or a recipe, with the good ingredients and the right cook you get amazing results.

French SEO Agency

A French SEO expertise

Since 2019, we’ve been operating SEO campaigns for our clients in France, Switzerland, Belgium and even Quebec.

We know well the French speaking markets and analyse them consistantly for our clients with our suite of SEO tools: Semrush, Majestic, Monitorank, Analytics

By merging this in-depth understanding with our technical skills and SEO techniques, we optimize your online presence to guarantee you maximum visibility on the French speaking markets using Search Engine Optimisation only.

Just like fine French wine, SEO results improve with time


After having analyzed together the most relevant keywords for your business goals, our search engine optimization service begins. Whether the keywords are long-tail or competitive, it will be important to plan a consistent budget in order to position yourself on the first page of Google.

SEO is not a magic formula leading to instant and effortless wealth. On the contrary, it requires a rigorous approach, expertise, sustained investment and continuous energy to improve your search engine rankings. Successfully done, it can tenfold your inbound marketing generated leads and sales once the ideal prospects find you on search engines. Increase traffic is good, but if it doesn’t generate revenues for your company it’s a limited metric.

But then, what can you expect? How long will it take to rank? Is it possible to do while label SEO?
Why choose Inbound Solution instead of another French SEO Agency?

Let’s answer all your questions during a first discovery call to get to know each other.

Jérémy, our head of marketing and sales will more than certainly help you understand the French SEO potential and how our services can be of service to the growth of your company and strenghten your SEO plan.

Compared to other SEO companies in France, we are used to work with international clients in English. Clients of all sizes, small business SEO, Ecommerce SEO… Our services can help you increase you sales on the French speaking markets and testimonials are available. Simply click on “Cas Clients” in the menu to find them.

Inbound Solution‘s SEO Guarantees

No Long Term Contract

With Inbound Solution, you do not have to sign a yearly contract. We rely on our measurable results to keep you on board as a client.

Monthly Reporting

We keep you updated of your SEO results on a monthly basis. So you are always aware of your return on investment (ROI).


You have a question regarding your SEO campaign? Do not hesitate to ask. Our team is always only one text away.

Let’s Work together !

Ready to see your website rank in France and all French speaking countries? 

Results and Transparency

Our SEO contracts do not have a fixed term. We trust and rely on our results to keep you as a client. If you don’t see your website improve its ranking in search engine results, you’re free to stop working with us. 

Good to know: by working with Inbound Solution, you maintain your independence and keep control over your monitoring tools (such as Google Analytics and Search Console).

YouTube video
YouTube video

English subtitles are available on our clients video testimonials.

For the optimization and correction of penalizing technical factors, our team intervenes directly on all CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, Wix… For websites built without CMS, our experts intervene by proposing recommendations and not working directly on it.

Our French SEO Agency 🇫🇷 carefully observes the guidelines of the Google search engine as well as the subtleties of its algorithms. Good SEO cannot be done without them.

Are you tired of SEO agencies that are not performing well and not reaching top SEO results ?
Looking for details about the services of our French SEO company?

Trust our French SEO Agency: Inbound Solution to get you on the front page of search engines and boost your organic traffic!

Our Clients Get Results

With our French SEO Agency


Almost 5 years of SEO !

At Inbound Solution we love online marketing but more specifically organic SEO. Developping tactics and analysing the results is what drive our  SEO experts to improve their process and continue bringing the best return on investment possible to our clients. International SEO is something we really like as our team members speak different languages we can help many companies better understand the French markets and its specificites.

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